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One probe
Many solutions

Where water is an important element, Finapp is there.

Not only with high-tech sensors, but also with targeted services for different markets.

At Finapp, innovation is a key aspect; it is part of our DNA and could not be otherwise, having started as a university spin-off. As a company, however, our north star is to put the customer at the center. Technology, innovation should always be declined to meet the customer’s needs in the most intuitive way possible. Ease of use hides a great deal of work, where the complexity of things has been resolved to offer customers only the benefits of a new technology. Starting from the data measured by our probes, we have created and will continue to create high value-added services to provide concrete answers in various application areas, all united by one common thread: water.


Finapp supports precision agriculture by providing unique knowledge of soil moisture for better irrigation strategy so as to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on efficient water use and hunger eradication.

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Scientific research

By counting cosmic neutrons, muons and gamma rays all in one instrument, Finapp probes represent a versatile and innovative means in multiple areas of scientific research.

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Water Resource

The importance of quantifying the water resource stored in the snow pack is strategic for its management for agricultural, industrial and domestic purposes. Finapp assesses the available Water Resource through the determination of the Snow Water Equivalent.

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Environmental monitoring

Landslides, floods and fires pose a serious risk common to many parts of the World. Learn how Finapp probes help mitigate the negative impact of these agents on people, natural habitats, transportation and the economy.

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Water Leaks

Thanks to CRNS technology and innovative Finapp probes, you can pre-locate leaks in your water mains, monitoring up to 150 km per day, so you always have the complete status of your pipes under control.

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Finapp press

Press review 2024

News - 08/02/2024
The year 2024 is off to a great start, with lots of news! Finapp participated in the Sival event in France and at Fieragricola Italia. CRNS probe network for environmental monitoring was discussed at the Snow Hydrology Conference in Grenoble…
Expo area manager

Technical sales environmental

Open Positions - 26/01/2024
The figure will have the task of ensuring commercial promotion through the management of ongoing orders with established customers and the search for new business opportunities in compliance with company policies. The reference customers are mainly represented by the Public…
Expo area manager

Technical and commercial officials Innovative Agriculture

Open Positions - 26/01/2024
For the strengthening of the sales network, two (2) associates/agronomists/freelancers are sought ROLE: The figure will be responsible for ensuring business development through the management of current orders, established clients and the search for new business opportunities in compliance with…

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Here is how professionals and scholars use Finapp probes.

A good example of how to get the maximum benefit from our innovation.

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