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We use Cosmic Rays to measure water

Finapp has designed and patented the new generation of CRNS probes that use cosmic rays to measure water on a large scale, in depth and in real time.
This is our revolution: making particle physics at the service of environmental sustainability.

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We are born with a very ambitious goal: to preserve Life on Earth by saving Water. And to do so, we want to disseminate a new knowledge of water content, made possible by an innovative technology, the CRNS – Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing-, that is already advised by international organization such as the FAO. We are working towards precise and digitized water management, with the aim of reducing waste in agriculture, in aqueducts, to improve energy production and increase the safety of citizens in the face of natural disasters.


Solutions and applications


The Finapp

The Finapp probe measures soil moisture and water content in the snow thanks to neutrons generated by cosmic rays. A new generation of CRNS probe, compact, innovative, and covered by numerous patents.

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The pros of Finapp






Real-time measurement of water content, on a large scale – from 1 to 20 hectares – and in depth – 50 cm in the soil and meters in the snow.


Non-invasive and non-contact measurement. Small size and weight, very low maintenance, for use even in remote and difficult to access places.


Measurement independent of texture, salinity, soil surface roughness or snow density. Does not require calibration.


Continuous and remote measurement, data connection included, access to data from any PC or smartphone, various application areas.


the innovative

Finapp has invented a new way of measuring water!

It has started from the Department of Nuclear Physics at the University of Padua. We have innovated CRNS probes capable of counting in cosmic neutrons, to take this technology out of academia and make it available to anyone who has water as a fundamental aspect of its business.

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Finapp press

Press review 2024

News - 08/02/2024
The year 2024 is off to a great start, with lots of news! Finapp participated in the Sival event in France and at Fieragricola Italia. CRNS probe network for environmental monitoring was discussed at the Snow Hydrology Conference in Grenoble…
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Technical sales environmental

Open Positions - 26/01/2024
The figure will have the task of ensuring commercial promotion through the management of ongoing orders with established customers and the search for new business opportunities in compliance with company policies. The reference customers are mainly represented by the Public…
Expo area manager

Technical and commercial officials Innovative Agriculture

Open Positions - 26/01/2024
For the strengthening of the sales network, two (2) associates/agronomists/freelancers are sought ROLE: The figure will be responsible for ensuring business development through the management of current orders, established clients and the search for new business opportunities in compliance with…

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Here is how professionals and scholars use Finapp probes.

A good example of how to get the maximum benefit from our innovation.

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