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Scientific Research

By counting cosmic neutrons, muons and gamma rays, all with one instrument, Finapp probes represent a versatile and innovative tool in multiple areas of scientific research.

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The Finapp probe’s outstanding performance in measuring Neutrons, Muons and Gamma makes it the ideal instrument for research in universities, public or private institutions.
Counting up to 3000 neutrons/h, over 10000 muons/h and over 10,000mm snow equivalent are performances never achieved by commercial traditional sensors.
Contact us for more information, our team comes from the world of university research, we will know how to help you.

Pros and Features

  • Full-scale Soil Moisture measurement (from 5 to almost 40 hectares, i.e. up to 100 acres).
  • Continuous measurement of soil saturation
  • Depth measurement (approx. -50cm).
  • The sensor also measures Muons, allowing for incoming correction.
  • The measurement is Site Specific, allowing precise distinction of the areas actually to be surveyed,
  • Remote measurement, eliminates the need for site visits.
  • The measurement is non-invasive and therefore non-contact.
  • Requires no site preparation or earthworks for installation
  • Maintenance cycle is virtually non-existent
  • Low energy demand allowing off-grid operation with the use of solar panels.
  • Measurements are available on proprietary Finapp cloud but also on other clouds or dataloggers
  • Low data throughput, allowing the use of low-cost remote telemetry options.
  • Small size and weight for stand-alone installation
  • Material sustainability, no products from radioactive processing are used.

FAQ domande frequenti

Do plants/forests create interference in the measurement of soil moisture?

No. When neutrons pass through plants, more specifically through biomass, they interact with the water molecules in them, losing some of their initial energy. As a result, we can distinguish between neutrons at higher energy that have ‘meet’ water in the soil, and those, at lower energy, that have hit water in the biomass.

Does the slope of the ground influence the quality of the soil moisture measurement?

It tends not to. Neutrons escape from the ground and distribute themselves spatially in all directions. However, if there is a very narrow and deep valley or a very high and steep rocky part within the range of the probe, soil moisture measurement will not be possible at these points. In hilly areas or on terraces, on the other hand, the measurement is valid.

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Meeting customers’ need

At Finapp we are committed to meeting the scientific measurement instrumentation needs of our customers, we enthusiastically help all those who work sustainably and fairly, we support those who advance science and technology for the benefit of humanity. Finapp believes in innovation as well as service.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for an appointment, visit, consultation, we will try to answer all your questions trying to suggest some possible innovative solutions.





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