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The key themes of the IFAT 2024 event, which will be held in Munich from 13 to 17 May, will be adaptation to the consequences of climate change and the digitalisation of water cycle management.

Cambiamento Climatico

Extreme events such as rain and floods, extreme heat and water shortages are consequences of climate change that cannot be ignored. All social actors, including governments, cities and communities, companies and individuals, must address this issue by actively working together to improve climate resilience. Sensitively managing rainwater, drinking water, industrial and process water, as well as water for agricultural use is increasingly necessary, so that the environmental technology sector has become a strategic interlocutor, bringing ideas and providing solutions.

Faced with this panorama, Finapp has set itself an ambitious goal: to make its contribution to safeguarding life on Earth by preserving water.

Droughts, floods and changes in rainfall patterns disproportionately affect water and food security, livelihoods, ecosystem health and biodiversity, disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable communities. To reach the agreed climate goals in a timely manner, we need mature and easily implementable solutions.

Finapp is committed to improving water monitoring and evaluation, promoting innovative strategies and solutions for the integrated management of water resources.

Finapp is a leader in water monitoring solutions, with non-contact measurements, based on Cosmic Ray technology (CRNS).

The innovative device, based on neutron physics and using advanced software including ML/AI, is designed with convenience and ease of use in mind, to ensure rapid setup and continuous use of data and information, ideal for environmental monitoring, for precision agriculture, in the pre-localization of water losses, in the mitigation of hydrogeological instability, fires and climate risk.

At the IFAT event, Finapp will present its solutions for:

Perdite Idriche

The pre-localization of water leaks, where thanks to CRNS technology and innovative Finapp probes, it is possible to pre-localize leaks in the water network, monitoring up to 150 km per day, in a simple, economical and fast way. The non-contact, non-destructive and automatic measurement avoids the need for destructive interventions, the opening of manholes, the installation of devices, and does not require maintenance. The detector can be installed on technical or public vehicles and does not require a qualified operator, allowing digitalisation and value creation even in this phase of water distribution.

The mitigation of hydrogeological risk, where the knowledge of soil moisture provided by Finapp probes, allows a different approach to early warning. Superficial landslides and floods are closely linked to a high level of soil saturation, on the contrary very dry soils are a prerequisite for the development of fires.

Monitoring the naturally available water resource, quantifying the water resource stored in the snow cover, thus allowing strategic management of distribution whether for agricultural, industrial or domestic purposes as well as for the production of hydroelectric energy. The Finapp probe evaluates the available water resource by determining the Snow Water Equivalent, i.e. the volume of water contained in the snow.

Finapp embraces the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Action Plan for People, Planet and Prosperity, primarily by offering concrete solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals. He recently be awarded at last COP28, for the Innovation Factory AI for Good Climate Change, aims to advance the development of solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) to address climate change impacts on food security and sustainable water resources.

The company has developed the latest generation sensor for the non-contact measurement of water content in soil and snow, based on the measurement of environmental neutrons produced by cosmic rays (Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing).


Finapp solution allows a precise and digitalized water management, with the aim of reducing waste in agriculture, reducing energy cost, increasing productivity, improving the quality of water offering to the professional the value of the available water content at the root of the plants.

Come and meet us at ICE Hall 4. We are waiting for you!