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We use Cosmic Rays to measure water

Finapp has designed and patented the next generation of CRNS probes that use cosmic rays to measure water without contact, on a large-scale, in depth and continuously. This is the FINAPP revolution: particle physics at the service of environmental sustainability.

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Solutions and applications

The pros of Finapp solutions

Contactless, continuous, large-scale (5 hectares) and deep soil moisture measurement (50 cm in the soil). Measurement independent of texture, salinity, soil surface roughness.

Site-specific soil moisture monitoring. The measurement covers 5-10 hectares and the probe is easily installed even in remote and inaccessible areas.

The probes pre-locate water losses 10 voice faster than traditional techniques (up to 150 km/day analysed). It saves time, optimizes costs and is operator-independent.

The probe allows simultaneous neutrons and muons counting, with continuous in situ incoming evaluation. It is possible to measure in situ over 3,100 neutrons/h and 10,000 muons/h!

Snow Water Content (SWE) measurement with saturation > 10,000 mm, large-scale measurement, non-operator dependent, not affected by bridging phenomena.


The Finapp

The Finapp probe measures Soil Moisture in Soil and Water Content in the Snow, thanks to neutrons generated by cosmic rays.

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